Monday's Faves - On A Budget

Today, I am giving you some cheaper options! For outdoor photo sessions, I always grab the quilts with different colors throughout and definitely any with blue. From personal experience, quilts with blue (specifically, darker blues) tend to match well with client outfits. 

So, if I had a session this evening, these are the three quilts I would grab (if I couldn't afford to take the $150+ quilts)

*These quilts are still available as of 10AM 7/17/17

Patchwork Quilt - $70

This quilt is a favorite. If it didn't have those couple of holes, it would be an amazing quilt. The darker colors that fill this quilt show up so well in photos. These darker colors add a lot of contrast to photos. 

View this quilt here

Patchwork Block Quilt - $65

I love this quilt, and it is perfect for outdoor photo sessions! Blue has worked so well for me during shoots, so I always grab quilts like this. This quilt is a must for me if I was shooting today! 

View this quilt here

Diamonds Cutter Quilt - $55

This quilt obviously has some wear and holes, but I love the neutral blocks mixed with the dark blue blocks! This quilt would look perfect during a yummy golden light session. 

View this quilt here