Facts, Questions, Random Thoughts

Shipping and Handling:

  • Free shipping orders ship within 3-5 business days

  • Overnight orders ship within 1-2 business days

Q: I had my quilt in my cart, but now it isn't available. 

A: Unfortunately, that means it is no longer available. When new quilts go live, they sometimes go extra fast. Someone else bought the quilt before you checked out. I hate it, but these are all one-of-a-kind and I wish I could make them for everyone!


Q: Can I check out using PayPal? 

A: Yes! We are so excited to announce that PayPal is now an option for check out! 


Q: How often do you add new quilts? 

A: I try to add new quilts *every* week. Some times this may not happen because I may be out of town. I always put a banner on top of the website that gives the time/date for when new items will be listed. If there is no banner, that means new quilts have recently been added!


Q: How much is shipping?

A: FREE! Shipping is now free for all USA orders. 


Q: How fast do you ship?

A: My goal is for each order ships out same day/next business day (depending on if my mail has already been picked up for the day!). I will note on the website if that is not the case (if I am out of town, etc). Every domestic order ships USPS Priority and arrives within 1-3 business days depending on how close you are to TN! Some farther states (West Coast) may ship Ground if it is a heavier package. This could take over a week to receive. If you needed it faster, make sure to email me! But, due to life with a baby, packing orders takes a littttttle bit longer, so it may take a couple of days to get orders out.


Q: Do you ship internationally? 

A: Yes! The option to ship outside of the US is available during check out. If you do not see your country listed, please email me! I add each country indivudially, so I have only listed the ones that have been requested. International shipping ranges from $40 to over $100 depending on size and weight.


Q: Do you make these quilts? 

A: Ha! No! I can't even sew. These quilts are mostly (some are newer) old quilts that I find out in the wild. If I did make them, they would be $5,000 because there is so much work that goes into each one! 


Q: What is a cutter quilt?

A: A cutter quilt is a quilt that has a lot of wear. It is not in good condition. The term "cutter" comes from people that use these damaged quilts for other projects. They "cut" them up. 


Q: What is a tacked quilt?

A: A tacked quilt is a quilt that is not technically "quilted." It is held together by being sewn with string or yarn throughout the quilt. It is not sewn together in designs like a typical "quilted" quilt. 


Q: Do you wash your quilts?

A: Yes (and no). Many times I find quilts that smell and are dirty. I wash them in my washing machine with my normal detergent. Sometimes I find quilts that smell amazing and are extra clean. I don't take the time to wash these. 


Q: How do I clean my quilt? 

A: You have to be extra careful with some quilts. Many of them have a lot of wear and washing can add more damage. I recommend soaking in a bath tub with essential oils, detergent, and/or oxy clean. I would then line dry the quilt.