Fireplace Makeover

I have a list a mile long of projects for our house. For the past five years of our marriage, we have rented, so this is the first home we can "change." Many of the projects I want to tackle include tile, but we have never tiled before. So, we decided to start with this small, flat, okay if it is un-even space. 

It is such a simple change, but it adds so much more character to this space. I still plan to add a couple of changes to the fireplace, but for now, we can now say "we can tile!"

Thankfully, my husband took charge and did 90% of the work. I simply sat there, talked, and added mortar to the tiles. 

The first day, we laid all of the tile and let is dry for 24 hours before adding the grout. 

Day two, we (Justin) added the grout. I did nothing but empty the buckets of water. I think I like projects. ;) 

Day three, we caulked the edges. We then cleaned the tile to remove any water residue and excess grout. 

First tile project = success