My Picks for Couch Cuddlers

The worst part about this job is knowing that each of you are not able to feel these quilts before you buy them. Some are so so so soft. Another might be beautiful but the fabric is itchy.

I chose some of my favorite cozy quilts for you below. I would snuggle up on the couch with any of these. Some of these are extra soft while some are just cozy. But all of them will make you want to take a nap.

These are all available tonight (Thursday, 8/29/2019) at 8PM CST. They are in order by price below and not by my favorites. The prices below range from $165 to $45! Simply click on the photos to see their flaws, measurements, photos, and prices!

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Shout Out | Jacquelyn Arora Photography

One of my favorite things is taking photos for people I know and care about. Jacquelyn, of Jacquelyn Arora Photography, nailed this photo shoot. She takes pride in producing photos full of emotion and connection. This is why she loves documenting families. She has known this adorable (these kids y'all) family for 10 years. I love how Jacquelyn photographed them as a *family*. So many tickles, so many laughs, and so many snuggles. They ended their session letting the kids run around under her Stitched and Found quilt and then some final snuggles. 

Meet the Photographer

Meet Jacquelyn! She is born and raised in Westerville, Ohio. Her heart is with photographing families because she loves to capture raw family moments, emotion, joy, laughter, and even tears. She feels so lucky that she gets to do this everyday and to be able to give families such delicate, heartfelt memories. 

She began her journey in 2010, after her son was born. She is self taught but is always learning and loves online education. She was a labor and delivery RN for 10 years but began shooting more and more and over the last 3-4 years has gone full time. She has three kids (twin boy/girl age 4, and a 7 year old boy). They keep her extra extra busy. Her kids don't always love her constant documenting, but her new dog, Norman, doesn't mind the camera one bit! 

Go show Jacquelyn some love and see more of Jacquelyn Arora Photography here: Facebook, Website, Instagram: @jacquelynaroraphotography.

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Monday's Faves


Every quilt is different. I always have the hardest time choosing which quilt to take with me to a portrait session. I don't always know what outfit my client will be wearing, so it is hard to make the best decision on colors. I tend to take at least three quilts with me to a session (but I end up with about five, ha!). I take all three, but end up using one (maybe two). There is always one that matches *perfectly*. I always grab a quilt full of blues because they seem to match best. I then grab a quilt that is full of different colors. This will ensure that it *should* match my client's outfit. The third quilt is typically an additional multi colored quilt (because they are all so different), or sometimes I will throw in a quilt with lighter colors or more white. 

These three quilts below are three that I would take with me to a photo session if I had one today (wait, I do! So, if they are still available tonight at 5PM, I will be using one of these!). They are all still available on my website, as of 8AM, 10/30/17. 


Nine Patch Quilt - $135

This extra cozy quilt is perfect for outdoor sessions! It does have more pink than normal, but it would still show up well for photos and match most outfit combinations. The hints of green and yellow help it to match other colors besides pink! I have a crush on this quilt.

View this quilt here


Patchwork Quilt - $125

This quilt is perfect for fall! These warm colors would work so well with the changing leaves. It would also pop well against the green grass during other seasons. I love the range of colors and a pop of yellow is always a good idea. 

View this quilt here


Variation Quilt - $115

This fun quilt is a favorite of mine. The pops of green would work great for an outdoor family session. The other areas of the quilt are a range of colors helping it to match any color combo your client shows up wearing. The green (similar to blue) tends to match really well with outfit color choices. 

View this quilt here