Monday's Faves


There are many opinions on the best quilts for photo sessions. A lot of this comes down to the look and feel you are going for. If you shoot more bright and airy, quilts with more white may be best. If you are a moodier shooter, then quilts with less bright and happy colors might be best.

But, for me, these quilts will always work when I show up to a photo session. I always lean towards quilts with a variety of colors. I don't always know what my client will show up wearing, so it is helpful to have every color available. I also always grab quilts with a lot of blues and darker tones. Blue always matches outfits well and darker tones add contrast to my photos. 

Also, I had a photo session this past Friday evening and took all three of these with me! These are all still available in the shop (as of 8AM CST 10/2).


Signature Quilt - $185

This stunning quilt is in excellent condition. I love the bright, vibrant colors. I chose this quilt because of its varying colors, along with a lot of green and blue. This quilt will easily match different outfit choices that your client shows up wearing. 

Click here to view this quilt. 


Churn Dash Quilt - $115

This lovely quilt is also in great condition. It has a variety of colors, with bits of deeper colors. I have found that quilts with these deeper colors show up extra well for photos. I also have a thing for floral fabrics.

Click here to view this quilt. 


Patchwork Quilt - $85

This quilt is full of deeper colors. I always grab quilts with these varying contrast colors. These dark colors pop in your photos and add another element of depth and contrast. 

Click here to view this quilt.