Monday's Faves


Not every quilt can work for every session. This is why I always go to a session with three or more quilts in my car. Most of the time I will use only one, but I never know which one until my clients have arrived. 

When choosing which three (or ten) to take with me, I tend to look for a few key things. First, I grab a quilt full of blue. From experience, quilts with more blue are more likely to match your client's unknown outfit choices. Second, I grab a quilt with a lot of different colors. This will almost guarantee that it will match your client's clothes. Third, if I have a quilt full of neutrals, I will grab that as well. 

I know many photographers love shooting with mostly white, or extra light colored quilts. I personally don't shoot with these, but they tend to match well too. A quilt with lighter colors may match better than a quilt with super bright colors. But, with more white, there is a greater chance that the white will have blown highlights. 

So, it is up to you, your style, and your clients.

The three quilts below are three I would take with me if I had a session today. They are currently available for purchase in the shop (as of 8AM, 10/16/17).


Shoe Fly Quilt - $90

This simple quilt is a favorite of mine. I tend to use quilts with less white than this, but when it has this much blue (or all blue!), it is a must! Blue is my favorite color to use during a photo session. 

Click here to view this quilt. 


Patchwork Quilt - $85

This brighter quilt is great for photo sessions because it is full of different colors. This quilt will match most outfit choices that your client shows up wearing. 

Click here to view this quilt. 


Block Quilt - $75

This quilt is full of different colors, but also has pops of blue. These will add contrast to your photos and will most likely match your client's outfit choices. 

Click here to view this quilt.