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New Quilts!

Who wants to see what is hidden in this stack? Jump over to the store tab and see what is left! There are real treasures buried in there, and I can't wait to see how you use them! 

Monday's Faves - Cozy and Comfy

Okay, lets talk about the purpose of quilts. They are made to be snuggled! But, unfortunately, some quilts are hard and scratchy. I have picked out three quilts that are extra soft and therefor extra cuddly! These are quilts that would be perfect to add to your stack of blankets. There isn't much that is better than decorating with and snuggling up under a one-of-a-kind piece of art that can't be bought at Target. Can I get an amen?

Patchwork Quilt - $100

This quilt is soft and cozy. It is in good condition, and I love the pastel colors used to make it. This would be a quilt that would be draped over my couch or bed. 

Click here to view quilt in the store! 

Patchwork Quilt - $95

This quilt is full of pastel colors and soft fabrics. I love how simple it is. I could see myself taking a nap everyday with this cozy quilt!

Click here to view this quilt in the store. 

Nine Patch Quilt - $85

Cozy, soft, and beautiful. I love the fabrics found in this quilt. Writing this post is making me sleepy! I need a nap now! 

Click here to view this quilt in the store. 


Always *too* close

I have issues with personal space. It is common knowledge among my close family and well, of course my husband. But this dog does. not. understand. She would literally be in my lap every second of every day if I let her, could even handle that. But goodness, does she love me so well. 

So, Heidi, take a step back, perfect. 

This lovely rug was picked by one of my fave Nashville Flea Market vendors for me! It is long and perfect for my little hall way. These things should definitely make a come back.