Bright and Organized

Those two words, bright and organized, they should be my life motto. My house is full of white. White walls, white couches, white dishes, white pillows, white bedspread, white white white. Give me all of the white. 

My favorite is to add dark wood with my whites. It's like my sweet and salty. They just go together. This stand from IKEA holds my vintage sewing boxes. The top box houses my tape gun and the bottom my tag guns. I found the other trinkets from the Nashville Flea Market. 

I stare at this office space everyday, so it was important to me to make it an enjoyable space! 

Desk Ideas

I made some changes to my desk and I love it. Vintage lamps and sewing drawers have a way to my heart. So, send me cards and I will pin them on my new bulliten board! Yay snail mail.