Monday's Faves

I always take a stack of 3 to 4 quilts to every photo session. You don't always know what outfit your client will choose, so I try and choose quilts that will go with different colors. Therefore, I choose quilts with lots of colors throughout, and not just one color that dominates. All three of these have multiple fabrics and colors. I love them all. 

All three of these are still available (as of 11AM 7/24/17) to purchase! 

Patchwork Quilt - $95

This fun quilt is full of different colors. I love using quilts like this for my photo sessions. It is also a cozier quilt! 

View this quilt here

Patchwork Quilt - $85

I love the crazy pattern of this quilt. It is full of bright, colorful fabrics. 

View this quilt here

Shoe Fly Quilt - $75

This fun quilt is full of floral fabrics and fun colors. I love everything about this quilt. It is also a cozier quilt! 

View this quilt here

Monday's Faves - Outside Sessions

If you are a photographer, you more than likely shoot outside. If it isn't a wedding, you will find me shooting outside during sunset. It is where I thrive. Please, give me all of the yummy, golden light! So, today I want to share with you three quilts that are currently listed in the shop (as of 4/24/17), that I would take with me to my sunset session today (if I had a session today)! 

First up, we have this patchwork quilt. I prefer patchwork quilts because of the different colors scattered throughout. Most of the time, we aren't 100% sure what outfit our clients will show up wearing. Quilts full of different colors insure it *should* match whatever color combo they arrive in.

Patchwork Quilt - $110

You can find it here

Second, I always bring a quilt that is full of blues! After shooting for many years, I have found that blue quilts tend to match more outfits than other colors. So, this quilt is absolutely perfect. Another plus to this quilt? It is thin and light weight. Sometimes, during a session, we have to walk a lot and carry all of our gear. This quilt is easy to fold and carry!

Checkered Quilt - $90

You can find it here

Third, I would also bring along this flower garden quilt. I love the deeper, neutral tones throughout. It would definitely go with most outfit choices! 

Patchwork Quilt - $65

You can find it here