My Picks for Photographers

Are you a photographer? Me too. I always bring at least three different quilts with me to an outdoor photo session. Why? It is always good to have something for your clients to sit on if you want them on the ground. I personally hate getting my nice clothes dirty, and you don’t want to ask your clients to do that! The quilts also add some color and texture to photos.

With 120 new quilts this week, it is overwhelming to look through them all and choose the best one for you. So, I picked my favorites (84 out of the 120!!!) for a photo session. If I was running out the door today for a family session, I would grab three or more of these quilts below!

I try to grad one or two quilts with lots of blue fabrics. Blue seems to always match whatever my clients show up wearing. I then grad a quilt that is more multi colored because they always match too. I then find one with more white. This fits my style and will match well too.

These are all available tonight (Thursday, 8/29/2019) at 8PM CST. They are in order by price below and not by my favorites (I would take any of them with me). The prices below range from $225 to $30! Simply click on the photos to see their flaws, measurements, photos, and prices!

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