Monday's Faves

These are *my* personal favorite quilts. Every time I head to a photo session, I fill up my car with three to four quilts. I have selected three quilts that are currently available (as of 11AM 7/10/17), that I would take with me if I had a session today. I always choose quilts that include a lot of color and have blue throughout. These tend to match the outfits your clients show up wearing. So, these are my favorites, and I can't wait to see you use them for your sessions! 

Hexagon Quilt - $200

This amazing quilt is stunning. It would be amazing for outdoor sessions. It is full of colorful fabrics that would add so much character to any photo. 

View this quilt here

Hexagon Quilt - $185

This soft and cozy quilt is full of blues and greens. These are my favorite colors for outdoor, photo sessions. It is also so soft and would be great for cuddling! 

View this quilt here

Flying Geese - $160

This quilt is full of bright colors. I love these darker colors for outdoor, photo sessions. This quilt will add a lot of contrast to photos. It is in great condition. 

View this quilt here