My Daily View

Everyday, I sit at my desk, and see a colorful stack of quilts out of the corner of my eye. I sit here in my leggings and t-shirt, with pups under my feet, and music blaring as loud as I can stand (which actually isn't very loud 🙉). Some days are extra hard and filled with so much doubt (oh, friends, so much anxiousness, doubt, and worry). I fill my mind with the success of others and their beautiful things. But friends, know, my days are not perfect. I sleep when I shouldn't, I eat the wrong things, I yell at my husband, I am worried about money, and I forget to pay bills. Life is hard, and we only see the easy and happy here on social media. So, friends, there is more to this life than what our house looks like, if our kids are dressed for a daily photoshoot, or if we can afford that bag of organic apples. For me, my hope in Jesus is the *only* thing that can satisfy these worldly wants and dreams. So, when the days (everyday) are hard, I recite my memory vereses, I listen to @ellieholcomb on repeat, and I surround myself with friends that encourage and point me to Christ. I love you all and am so thankful for this small place on the internet to share my love for quilts.