My most treasured position.

So, if you haven't noticed, I sell quilts. Lots of them. 

This adventure is never in a million years where I thought I would be or what I would be doing. 

My grandmother, Mawma, made quilts for all of her ten grandchildren. She hand quilted all of them. She gifted each quilt when the grandchild got married. I was one of the last to tie the knot (I am the youngest grandchild) so I received one of the few that were left. It is my favorite one she made. 

A few things make it extra special. First, the main color is red. I love red. My wedding was red. Second, my great-grandmother pieced the pieces for the quilt. After she had died (sadly I never met her. My dad tells me how much I would have loved her. :) ) my Mawma found pieces in her house she had pieced together. She then took those pieces and made them into a quilt. My quilt. 


Me at my bridal shower with my Mawma. :) :