The Regulars.

I try to hit up my regular thrift stores every week. It doesn't always happen, but I try! I like to cut out a large chunk of my day so I don't feel rushed. Most thrift stores feel very overwhelming, but when you become more familiar with them, you can breeze right through, pee smells and all. This week was a good shopping week. 

I found 9 new afghans, 1 vintage bed spread, 1 sheet set, 1 tablecloth (may be keeping!), a new rabbit, 1 small crewel frame, 1 milk glass vase,  and a Little People House. The LP house was not priced and the kid at the cash register rang it up as $1.99! Score! But I will probably be keeping it. :)

See something you like? It will more than likely be for sale soon!