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Hello Spring, Goodbye Those Winter Blues

It's April, and the sun has been shining! It was a long winter for me. There were many dark days (literally and figuratively). There were days when I laid on the couch and never made it outside. Vitamin D is a beautiful thing. So, friend, get outside! Let the rays hit your skin! Put your hands in the dirt! Paint something!

Now, to the point of this post: Since I have the energy to actually do normal tasks (cook dinner, make the bed, go on a walk), my mind has been itching with decorating ideas! I thought I would share my living room for this spring (and probably summer because I love it that much). 

We bought our home a year ago in May. It isn't our forever home, but it is our home for now. My dream home is a white farm house, and I plan to build it one day. But, that will have to wait.  I already have the floor plan (that I have been drawing out since middle school). Ha!

My feed is always full of beautiful farm houses. It makes me dream (and covet). Seriously, I don't get on Pinterest because it causes discontentment in my heart. But, having a perfect farm house is not my reality right now. My goal is to add as much character (with simple decorating and EASY fixes) to our "normal" house as possible. 

So, every few weeks (or maybe sooner if I get my act together), I will share how "I" decorate my not-so-farmy-house as a farm house. 

First up, my living room. My walls are still a brown/cream. I want to paint them. But, my walls are so high, I can't do it myself. And the painter quoted me $1600. Soooo, they remain cream. One day, they will be WHITE!

I receive comments all.the.time about my white couches. I know, I have two big dogs. And yes, I will change my ways when I have kids. But, guess what, these beauties are slipcovers and can be bleached. Can your non white couch do that? We eat on our couches, we let kids climb all over them, and we just wash them when needed. I have added some subtle hints of pink throughout the living room. I would have so much more pink in my house if it wasn't for that pesky husband that also happens to live here. I think I want to add end tables? What do you think? Do you put end tables if you have a table behind your couch?

This is our sixth "home" and the first with a mantel! So, it gets the most of my decorating attention! I plan to add some kind of "chimney" to the wall. Maybe shiplap? If not, something super simple (and cheap). I would also love to tile the black hearth section. I have also considered adding a new mantel/covering the one that is there. It is super shallow, and I would love something deeper (to hold more stuff, obviously!)! That gas fireplace was so so cozy this winter! 

Couch: IKEA EKTORP in white   |   Lamps: Hobby Lobby   |   Framed Print: designed by me, printed by a friend that is no longer making signs (sad face)   |   Plants: IKEA   |   Various White Dishes: Thrifting/Antiquing   |   Pink, White, & Blue Pillows: IKEA   |   Plaid Pillows: Ballard Designs|   Quilt: Me, obviously!   |    Coffee Table: World Market   |   Pears: Hobby Lobby   |   All other fireplace/mantel items: Estate Sales and the Nashville Flea Market   |   Churn: was my grandmothers :) 

Comment with questions or general love!